"Saint Damien," Corvo Brothers, 2011.
"Saint Damien," Corvo Brothers, 2011.

The Corvo Brothers tell all tonight at Walker Fine Art

Nederland's Corvo Brothers, a collaborative duo who co-create complex and surreal, carefully staged narrative photographs, take the art of Photoshopping to a whole new level. For their shared show with sculptor Jonathan Hils, Metamophosis, which opens tomorrow at Walker Fine Art, the brothers transform the strange territory of saponification, a method by which the bodies of saints were said to once be preserved, into an even stranger land where their photos of religious relics as well as 19th-century anatomical wax figures are juxtaposed with imagery from pop culture.

Now, don't you have a lot of questions to ask about how and why they do that? You'll have the opportunity tonight when the brothers man Compressed Narratives in Photography and Film, a panel discussion in conjunction with Denver Arts Week and the DADASpeak art talk series. The discussion begins at 6 p.m., or attend the exhibit opening tomorrow from 6 to 9 p.m.

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