The Great American Trailer Park Musical offers double-wide laughs tonight

The Great American Trailer Park Musical offers double-wide laughs tonight

So it goes like this: Agoraphobic Jeannie can't bear to leave her trailer in the Armadillo Acres Trailer Park Community since her son was kidnapped and her perm went sour. And on the eve of their twentieth anniversary, her husband and childhood sweetheart Norbert is suddenly head-over-heels for the stripper Pippi, whose ex-boyfriend Duke is looking for her -- when he isn't stupefied by Magic Marker fumes.

Complete with its own sassy trailer-trash Greek chorus, this could be just what you need to shake up a dull Monday evening. And the curtain will be going up tonight on Ignite Theatre's industry night staging of The Great American Trailer Park Musical, which opened Saturday in the intimate Aurora Fox Studio Theatre. Directed by veteran local funny lady Pam Clifton, the ridiculous musical is a breath of fresh Cheese Whiz, with a raunchy, rockin' song list and a trailer-ready immersive set, complete with gas hookup.

Picture yourself in this snapshot...
Picture yourself in this snapshot...

Catch Trailer Park tonight at 7:30 p.m. when tickets are only $15; the show continues Fridays through Sundays through May 6, with regular ticket prices ranging from $18 to $22. Bring a few extra bucks, though: PBRs and Hunch Punch -- Google it -- will be available for a buck a shot.

For information and tickets, go to Ignite Theatre online.

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