The great Donkey Kong debate

It's mildly nerdy to use the phrase "It's on like Donkey Kong," a challenge so overused we made an infographic about it. But what's really nerdy, apparently, is Donkey Kong fans, among whom our infographic set off a controversy about the relative merits of the Donkey Kong franchise in the mid- to late-'90s -- and the debate was on, uh, like Donkey Kong.

Nick Hall, making a point only a true geek would make:

How do you figure that Donkey Kong fell from prominence in the 90s when there were three Donkey Kong Country games from 1994-96 that were all really popular?

Terry Williams with the even geekier counter-point:

Wrong. Kong Country 3 was terrible, childish, and no challenge whatsoever. Whereas DKC was challenging and DKC 2 was ever more challenging, DKC 3 was a bust that was just as big a failure as DK 64 and the game with the bongos

Oh snap, Nick. I actually liked the one with the bongos, though.

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