The Pajamas Letter: Be On the Lookout for Elf Slippers!

As you may remember, we finally received a response from our mysterious pajamas lover, but instead of revealing his identity, the rascally pajamaphile offered us a new challenge: We had to find a left-footed elf slipper, hidden somewhere around Denver, as described in this note:

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Call us lazy, call us poor investigative journalists, but we have yet to muster the energy or manpower necessary for a citywide slipper sweep. Thankfully, a hint fell into our lap. On a recent sojourn to the always delightful Novo coffee shop by the Denver Art Museum, we learned from the diligent latte slingers that they’d recently discovered an elf slipper in their bin of Westword newspapers! Unfortunately it was a RIGHT elf slipper, and even more unfortunately, they had somehow misplaced it, so we weren’t able to inspect it for clues, dust for finger pints, etcetera.

So now, dear readers, we are once again calling for your help to solve this confounding mystery. Take to the nearest stack of Westword papers and seek out that left slipper. Rifle through them. Spread them all about. Heck, feel free to stack a few of them in other newspaper bins. We won’t tell. And if you find that wonderful slipper, feel free to skip right over to Westword's office, singing “I’ve Got a Golden Ticket!” all the while. We promise, it will be worth it. – Joel Warner


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