The (Real) World

Look at any amateur photographer shooting a close-up of wet pebbles and you'll notice that his instincts are — consciously or unconsciously — aimed at re-thinking the dimensions of everyday space and reality. Now add color enhancement, visual sculpture and any form of photographic construction, and you have more opportunities to manipulate reality than take place in a whole season of The Real World.

Starting today at the Center for Visual Art, 1734 Wazee Street, (REAL): Photographic Constructs spotlights a wide range of local and national artists who push the envelope in artificially constructed works. Look at the pictures of clocks, leaves and hands separated into 31 boxes — highlighted with, say, an old children's block or other item designed to spark memories — and you may get a sense of time past, but remember: It's just an illusion. The opening reception for (REAL) begins at 7 p.m.; admission is free. For more information, go to
Jan. 5-Feb. 23


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