The six most memorable dancing robots from pop culture

The six most memorable dancing robots from pop culture

If there's one thing that pop culture has taught us, it's that robots fight. From Terminator to Transformers, robots are duking it out everywhere. But maybe it doesn't have to be that way.

Maybe some robots just want to dance.

Tonight at Aspen Grove Shopping Center, the Alamo Drafthouse Denver is offering a Real Steel, a movie about a robot that dances. (Okay, it fights, too, but what else do you expect from a robot?). To set the mood for the film, the good people of Alamo have planned a preshow presentation of dancing robots, like these.

Pretty cool, eh? We thought so, and were inspired to search out other dancing robots from movies, television and music. Here are six of the best.

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Wall-E Ah, good old Wall-E. When he's not busy saving the Earth, he finds some time to dance. In space. Because if there's anything better than robots dancing, it's robots dancing in space.

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