The Sweetest Thing

Over the past few years, the Crested Butte Nordic Center has offered full-moon ski and snowshoe tours, wherein participants suit up for the weather and glide away by the light of the moon to explore a winter wonderland. “In the past, we had a tepee set up in Magic Meadows, which is a beautiful location, and we would take groups out there to tour around in the moonlight and eventually end up at the tepee, where we would serve cocoa and treats,” explains the center’s assistant director, Michele Simpson.

Sounds divine, doesn’t it? But it gets better: “Now we have a yurt,” reveals Simpson. “It’s a beautiful facility with wood floors, couches, custom tables and a wood-burning stove. It’s got a deck around it, and it’s just very lovely, so we’ve evolved our full-moon tours to be Dessert at the Yurt.

“Before, it was cocoa and cookies and chocolates,” Simpson elaborates. “We’re taking it a step further this year. We’re doing the tour and a full-on dessert, anything from a decadent cheesecake to a chocolate mousse cake, whatever the dessert of that week is.”


Meet at the Crested Butte Nordic Center lodge at 7 p.m. tonight (or February 9 or March 10); the cost for the guided tour and dessert is $25 for adults, $20 for kids, and $15 for rentals. Visit for information.
Fri., Dec. 12; Sat., Jan. 10; Mon., Feb. 9; Tue., March 10, 2008


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