The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in February

Kristin Rand says goodbye to Denver with a month of shows.
Kristin Rand says goodbye to Denver with a month of shows.
Ryan Brackin

By the time February settles in each year, Denverites have already plowed through their Netflix queues and ordered from every restaurant within their delivery radius, so it's now time to brave the climate -- whatever that may be today -- and get out of the house. And nothing will warm you up like a good joke. To keep you giggling all throughout this short, bleak month, we've compiled a list of new shows, visits from comedy legends past and present, and even a smattering of Valentine's Day-themed entertainment.

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The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in February
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10) Sex and the Witty Thursday, February 5 The Deer Pile

Sex and the City was a flashpoint for an entire generation of viewers, changing long held-notions about how women behaved on television. While the characters frank discussions of a liberated sexuality were indeed groundbreaking in the context of the show's late '90s milieu, other elements have aged as poorly as the haute couture that was so central to SATC's escapist appeal. When viewed again through adult eyes, the fantasy at the heart of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda's story crumbles, and viewers realize that there's no way a newspaper columnist could afford to live in Carrie's tasteful Manhattan apartment and Mr. Big is actually kind of a creep. That's why local gut-buster Mara Wiles started Sex and the Witty, which cuts right to the heart of that dissonance, mining old episodes for comic gold. Joining Wiles in nostalgic riffery are Janae Burris, Haley Driscoll and Timmi Lasley. The foursome will be arguing over who's the Samantha of the group, sipping cosmos, cracking wise and taking a little comedic revenge against a show that encouraged the unrealistic, glittering dreams of all the failed Carrie Bradshaws out there.

The show begins at 9 p.m. Admission is free, but donations are suggested.

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9) Infauxmation! Thursday, February 5 Comedy Works South

Though it's only been running for a few months, InFauxmation has continually proved to be one of the most exciting new showcases in Denver. By booking consistently great lineups and securing the best venues in town, it started out with more pedigree than most shows could achieve over several years. Hosted by the gregarious and hilarious Brent Gill, InFauxmation asks comedians to stumble their way through extemporaneous jokes based on the news headlines, with a special emphasis on news of the weird. Featuring the editorial hijinks of Sam Tallent, Chris Charpentier and Ben Roy this month, InFauxmation is a great example of what Denver comedy can accomplish when good ideas have support.

The show begins at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $12 from the Comedy Works website.

8) Bill Bellamy February 6-8 The Denver Improv

Bill Bellamy is a champion of the early '90s Def Comedy Jam era. Though his movie career and stint on MTV have largely eclipsed his standup roots, the former Last Comic Standing host has made a return to the stage in recent years. Today, his act has taken on a decidedly family-friendly bent, with bits about playing outside supplanting the gratuitous T&A filled debauchery of his How to Be a Player days.

The early show begins at 7:30 p.m on all three nights, with an additional late show at 9:45 on Friday and Saturday. Tickets cost $25 on the Denver Improv website.

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