The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in October

The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in October
Natalie Brasington

October is a month for costumed ghouls and seasonal melancholy. As the autumnal leaves drift wanly into the dampened streets and crumble under the indifferent feet of passersby, many listless Denverites may find themselves in dire need of a laugh. Fortunately, this month promises a bountiful giggle harvest from Denver's comedy crops, with the return of some of our most creative local showcases, laudable fundraising efforts, and visits from comic luminaries drifting into town on the tide of nostalgia for decades long past. Though the confluence of sporting seasons means fiercer competition for the wandering attention of local entertainment-seekers, comedy is bringing its A-Game to town this month. Here are our ten best comedy events for October, now in chronological order.

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The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in October

10) Offensively Delicious Wednesday, October 1 Oriental Theater

Presented by Renegade Brewing and Sexpot Comedy, the inaugural Offensively Delicious comedy showcase is giving Denverites the opportunity to kick off the Great American Beer Festival with a laugh. And laugh they will with this lineup, which includes local chuckle merchants Andy Juett, Jordan Doll and Adam Cayton Holland, as well as Nikki Glaser. Glaser, who destroyed on a Sexpot showcase last year, recently appeared on Inside Amy Schumer and in the documentary I Am Road Comic, as well as the standup concert film Women Who Kill. While the headliners may take up the most poster space, the real star of this show is beer. The price of admission includes unlimited taste-testing from over ten different breweries.

Showtime is at 6 p.m. Tickets cost $40-45 and include unlimited beer taste-tasting. Visit the Oriental Theater website for tickets.

The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in October
Anthony Camera

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9) The Fine Gentleman's Club at the Denver Improv Thursday, October 2 Denver Improv

Westword cover boys and local favorites the Fine Gentleman's Club have cultivated a loyal following over the years at their signature Too Much Fun! showcase and its annual spin-off, Too Much Funstival. While the wooly format of their Deer Pile show offers something new to spectators each week, the Gents rarely have the opportunity to stretch their wings and really hold court in five to seven minutes of stage time. This month, however, the quartet will take to the stage at the Denver Improv, performing their most polished material during longer individual sets. Join Chris Charpentier, Sam Tallent, Nathan Lund and Bobby Crane for a fine, gentle evening of laughs ushered along by emcee Kevin O'Brien.

Showtime is at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost $5 (with a two-item minimum) and are available from the Improv's website.

The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in October

8) Comics Against Civility Friday, October 3 The Armoury

Unofficially based on the popular party game Cards Against Humanity, this show asks local comedians to write out some decidedly uncivil topic cards and match them with the audience's own depraved suggestions. It sounds like an overcomplicated game of mad-libs (and sometimes sad-libs), but the format engenders friendly rivalry from the participating comics and encourages crowd participation that isn't speckled with heckles. Hosted by Whiskey & Cigarettes podcasters Jake Browne and Zac Maas, Comics Against Civility has quickly grown into one of the funnest comedy nights in town. This month, local favorites Matt Monroe, Brian Hocker and John "Hippieman" Novosad join recent Austin transplant Carey Denise to compete for the title of least civil comedian, which counts as a badge of honor in the joke game, where civility can be a liability to a performer. After all, when comedians take on civility, everyone wins.

The games begin at 7 p.m.; admission is free.

Keep reading for seven more of the best comedy events this month.

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