There are two Amante Coffee shops in Boulder, but Amante Uptown is not only located directly en route to some of the Boulder area’s favorite mountain rides, it also snugs right up to Boulder Cycle Sports, a cyclists’ magnet by nature. No wonder serious Boulder bicyclists and teams seem to end up congregating over a cuppa joe at Amante.

But what’s the real draw for the cycling crowd? “Cool drinks and hot spandex,” manager Anthony Davis cracks. Ah, yes. Come in, take off your helmet and spend some time, because this is where Tour de France viewing starts and ends in Boulder, especially today, when the Tour wraps up and the title is decided for another year.

“We’re an Italian cafe, and we go straight from the World Cup into the Tour,” Davis explains. “We show all the stages live – they air them early in the morning, beginning around 6 a.m. – and then there are replays throughout the day. We usually get really packed dur-ing the mountain stages, and definitely for the finish. Mostly we get the cyclists, but we also get a fair number of everyday people, and even families will come in to have a gelato and watch.” Throw in an all-day happy hour featuring $3.50 Morettis and a steady flow of wine and espresso drinks, and, jeez, why would you go anywhere else?

Amante Uptown is at 4580 Broadway in North Boulder; call 303-448-9999.
Sun., July 25, 2010


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