The USA Pro Cycling Challenge: A YouTube chronology

It's not that I wasn't interested in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge's last stage from Golden to the State Capitol in Denver yesterday -- no, of course I was, it was a big deal -- it's just that my interest was mild enough not to overwhelm my simultaneous desire not to leave the comfort of my air conditioning and cat video marathon. Luckily, there were plenty of other suckers to be right there in the crowd for me and, in this modern age of YouTube, film the exciting parts so I could later see it just like I was there, except in multiple locations! It's, like, better than the real thing! And now, my friend, I'm bringing the magic to you.

Lookout Mountain

On Speer Boulevard

Coming up Colfax toward Civic Center

Rounding the bend on Civic Center

Rounding the final corner

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The win went to Team Radio Shack's Levi Leipheimer, with a handful of other American's hogging the winner's podium; for more, see Colin Bane's recap from this morning.

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