The Warrior's Way, aging gracefully and more new release picks for June 28, 2011

If you're an outdoorsy type, then summer's the time for playing in the mountains, hiking the grasslands, surfing the Great Sand Dunes, etc. If you're the nerdy type, then summer's the time to climb into your hammock (couch, basement, whatever), curl up with a good book (movie, comic, video game, whatever), and yell to your mom (for the one-millionth time) that yes you do want some lemonade and yes you still like those popsicles shaped like rockets. This week offers tons of new releases and interesting options -- unless you were looking for a movie, then you're pretty much stuck with this piece of shit -- so here's what's coming out today (tomorrow for comics) in the world of media.


The Warrior's Way (DVD, Blue Ray) More loved by viewers than by critics, this 2010 visual stunner satisfies those who appreciate the sometimes campy nature of martial art films, but won't appeal to those who want authentic storylines or traditional casting. Starring Jang Dong-gun, Geoffrey Rush, Kate Bosworth and Danny Huston, and directed by Sgnmoo Lee, The Warrior's Way tells the story of a hero ninja warrior who must flee to America after refusing to kill a baby (the last member of an enemy clan). Worth viewing at least for the uniqueness of special effects and cinematography, this new release promises something more than subpar visual effects and regurgitated plot lines.

Beastly (DVD/ Blue Ray) Know any high-school students out for the summer with nothing to do and a superiority complex? Throw them a copy of this movie. Beastly retells the story of Beauty and the Beast in a high-school setting. Mary-Kate Olsen stars in the beginning as the witch who casts a hideous love spell on the main character after he gives her the cold shoulder. Also starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens and directed by Daniel Barnz, Beastly flew under the radar when released in theaters, grossing poor amounts of income, and therefore promises to be one of the most affordable new releases of the summer.


The Aging Myth Fact: We're getting older and uglier by the minute. However, Dr. Joseph Chang, in his new book, The Aging Myth, provides possible explanations concerning what causes aging, why some age faster or slower than others, and how each person can start stressing out about how flaccid skin and a leathery face -- previously chalked up to genes and stuff a person can't control -- can be prevented. So probably buy this book unless you want to be the last person on earth who looks like a hag.

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Now You See Her If this is the fourth summer in a row you've promised yourself you would read War and Peace and so far the behemoth has just been staring at you from your nightstand as you read the sports section and the back of various boxes -- pretty much everything to avoid reading Tolstoy -- then it's time to give up and read something thrilling, like James Patterson's new release, Now You See Her. Patterson's new book tells the story of Nina Bloom, who lives the "perfect life" in New York. Bloom's perfect life turns out to be a lie, and she must act quickly before the wrong man is convicted of a crime he did not commit.

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