The Way of the Cowboy

It’s appropriate that the Colorado Cowboy Poetry Gathering — now in its 24th year — has moved from Arvada to Golden, known as “the gateway to the West,” because the gathering itself is a gateway into our Western past. “The way of the cowboy is slowly dying,” says spokeswoman Diana Raven, “and with the songs and the poetry, these performers are really keeping that heritage alive.”

The gathering features various performances of poetry and song — including several from the always-popular Doris Daley — beginning tonight and continuing through the weekend, plus chuckwagon meals on Friday and Saturday. The chuckwagon, Raven says, has been on trail and cattle rides, and the food will all be cooked over an open fire in the traditional way (though refrigeration will be used to keep the meat cold).

See and hear a slice of the past at the American Mountaineering Center, 710 10th Street in Golden; tickets range from $25 to $190 for a super-ticket (which includes all shows, two chuckwagon meals and “Cowboy Church” on Sunday morning). Get the full schedule and purchase tickets at
Jan. 17-20, 2013


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