Think about this: After watching this video, how much does your job suck?

Think about this: After watching this video, how much does your job suck?

At some point in our lives, we've had a job that requires sitting through a barrage of awful, corporate-mandated training videos. Things like walking to your car with a co-worker at night, making sure not to put bleach in the sanitzer bucket and always wearing closed-toe shoes on the sales floor are cautionary measures that come to mind when we think about workplace safety. But have you ever thought about being eaten by a trash compactor, crushed between giant metal gears or sprayed with toxic acid sludge? After this watching this video, you just might.

According to the limited information provided by the YouTube user who uploaded it, this video -- which appears to be a city worker safety film -- was found in some public library system and thankfully placed in the proper care of the Internet. A strange lesson in workplace caution, each scene involves people being impaled, electrocuted, hung and choked out by hazardous fumes, all because they weren't thinking about...this?

Think about this.
Think about this.

Hopefully, "Think About This" can become the "Bed Intruder Song" jam 2011. Just think, what if we could somehow get Portishead to re-record it? Put some bass in the low-end of this Internet jammer and you've got yourself an instant Witch House classic.

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