See Joey Julian's "Mystery Girl 1" and more at Sex Is 
    Art, Friday and Saturday at Orange Cat Studios.
See Joey Julian's "Mystery Girl 1" and more at Sex Is Art, Friday and Saturday at Orange Cat Studios.

This Week's Day-by-Day Picks

Thursday, June 16

Nobody can say for sure where the Food Network's hit program Iron Chef is filmed. Conventional wisdom suggests that the show is put together in studios in Los Angeles or New York, but it's possible that it's actually filmed in Japan, with chefs flown in from all over the planet to go up against the likes of Hiroyuki Sakai, the "Delacroix of French cooking," or Chef Chen Kenichi, the man who introduced Szechuan cooking to Japan. And then, of course, there are those persistent rumors that the entire series is filmed inside a volcano off Manila, where failed combatants are ceremonially hurled into the lava as a sacrifice. It's hard to know, since those who've attempted to decipher the mystery have not returned to tell the tale. But for local Iron Chef fans, the Meritage Restaurant at the Omni Interlocken Resort, 500 Interlocken Boulevard, Broomfield, will provide a far less perilous opportunity to witness hot chef-on-chef action. During Flatiron Chef, which starts at 6 p.m. this evening at the resort, chef Kimbal Musk (Kitchen Cafe) will pit his culinary skills against those of chef Cory Buck (John's Restaurant) using a secret ingredient unveiled by Whole Foods. For $75, guests can enjoy fine wine and dinner while these two heavyweights square off in a fight to the death -- er, that is, to see who can make the tastiest dishes. Call 303-464-3207 for tickets.

In the 2004 Japanese live-action anime film Casshern, geneticist Dr. Azuma vies for government support for a treatment he's discovered to regenerate humankind in the wake of a great war. The government refuses, but a secret, sinister section of the military agrees. Things soon spin out of control, and a race of dangerous mutants is released upon the world. Reincarnated with an invincible body, only the warrior Casshern can save the planet. The film has yet to be released in the U.S., but the Assembly will present an intimate Guerilla Drive-In screening in its Ghetto Garden, 766 Santa Fe Drive, tonight at 8 p.m. Eight bucks gets you a spot at the show and a cup for drinks. Not too shabby. Call 303-573-5501 for information.

Friday, June 17

Last year's inaugural Sex Is Art exhibit (held at The Other Side Arts) was more of a typical gallery hanging than this year's version will be. Explains co-curator Johnny Morehouse: "There was an opening night, a closing night. This one is more of a put-it-up, take-it-down kind of thing." During the show's two-day run, artists will display works in a variety of mediums (including Etch-a-Sketch drawings and an interactive sexy dartboard); there may even be a belly dancer or two. "Some of the stuff is racy, but for the most part, the artists use this opportunity to share some of their more personal creations," Morehouse says. "A lot of them tell me they've never shared this work with anyone." Last year's event had the vibe of an artistic trade show, with people exchanging phone numbers and networking, and this year should be no different. "It's really just a good time," Morehouse says. Sex opens today at 6 p.m. and runs through tomorrow at Orange Cat Studios, 2625 Larimer Street; call 1-970-689-7469 for information.

Saturday, June 18

Okay, it's not July. And they're certainly not celebrating the awesome play of the Colorado Rockies. No, folks, it's the Cingular LoDoFest! The dates of the former AT&T LoDo Music Festival were switched for what organizers say will be the last edition of the giant street party; today the fun runs from noon to midnight. What else has changed? Well, ticket prices were dramatically reduced -- just $10 at or any area King Soopers store -- and from 12 to 5 p.m. today, admission is absolutely free. The festival's site has moved, too, but not far: The new entrance is at 21st and Larimer streets, with the event itself rolling out between 20th and 22nd streets, from Larimer to Arapahoe. One thing that hasn't changed is the incredible roster of music-makers from around the globe: The Radiators, Dan Treanor and the African Wind Band, John Brown's Body and the Otone Brass Band are just some of the acts that will be here for your listening, grooving pleasure. For details, go to

Sunday, June 19

When someone tells you that theirs is the coolest Father's Day celebration in town, you tend to scoff and say thanks but no thanks, that on June 19, you and your father plan to take turns punching each other in the shoulders as hard as you can, and then you'll go eat wings at Hooters, like you do every year. But when the Black American West Museum says it's got the coolest Father's Day celebration in town, you'd better believe it. The museum -- whose slogan is "We Tell It Like It Was" -- is hosting a Father's Day/Jazzteenth Celebration today at Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge, 930 Lincoln Street, from 5 to 9 p.m. Tickets, $30 to $50, include dinner and the stylings of Colorado jazz legend Joe Keel. You'll even get to learn the cowboy handshake! Coolest Father's Day, indeed. Proceeds benefit the BAWM and its programs; call 303-292-2566.

Earlier this year, the Five Points Business Association decided that due to a lack of funds, it would have to cancel Denver's annual Juneteenth Celebration. The announcement sparked an outpouring of donations from community leaders and organizations, allowing the event to continue and making this year's party a true community gathering. Juneteenth spills out from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. today, with activity booths, food, games and more, at 26th Street and Glenarm Place. Call 303-294-0597.

Monday, June 20

Ladies and gentlemen, gather round: It's time you learned to fix your bikes. Actually, ladies -- uh, women -- it's time you learned to fix your bikes. Fellas, you'll get your turn, but tonight's free Women's Bike Maintenance Clinic is all about the estrogen. During the class, which starts at 7 p.m. at the REI flagship store, 1416 Platte Street, an REI bike expert will walk attendees through the fundamentals of bike maintenance and roadside repair. For more information, call 303-756-3100.

Tuesday, June 21

Been sitting in the basement, just whaling away on the spoons? Got that piece of cellophane held tightly over your comb, while you spray saliva and blow away to your heart's content? Ever thought of sharing that musical talent with other people? Well, here's your chance. Open Jam, tonight at 7 p.m. at the Swallow Hill Cafe, 71 East Yale Avenue, is a "no-pressure-any-skill-level" jam session open to all. Anyone who's ever picked up an instrument knows what a valuable opportunity playing with other musicians can be. It's a trial-by-fire experience, where everyone involved walks away having learned a thing or two. So dust off that tuba, friend: You're welcome here. Tickets are $1 at the door; for details, call 303-777-1003 or go to

Wednesday, June 22

Look, we've all drag-raced down Federal -- that's just a given. You're fired up after too many Bud Lights at the Rapids game, those dudes in the El Camino are egging you on at the stoplight, and the next thing you know, you're doing ninety heading south, screaming your freaking head off. I've seen it a million times. And it's all fun and games -- until you're wrapped around a telephone pole. Total buzzkill, right? So why not take that zeal to a safe, fun environment, something like Take It to the Track Test Night at Bandimere Speedway? Every Wednesday at 4 p.m., sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds with a $30 entry fee and the requisite parent-signed waivers can take their own cars to the track for a safe, legal alternative to street racing that still satisfies the need for speed. Friends and well-wishers can watch for $10. Bandimere is at 3051 South Rooney Road in Morrison; go to for details.


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