'Toon In

Tired of all the holiday hoopla yet? If you could use a few moments of sheer escapism from this hectic season, then the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center has just the solution: Cartoons -- More Than Just Comics, an exhibit featuring work by Lonnie Allen, Daniel Crosier, Amy Reeder Hadley, Gerhard Kaaihue, Paul Niemiec, John Peters, John Porcellino, Ron Ruelle and Stan Yan.

Not only is this a veritable who’s-who of local manga and comic-book artists, but it’s also a great escape for anyone who’d like to look at cartoons that don’t feature Rudolph or Santa. It’s perfect for kids, but more importantly, it’s perfect for adults who need a brief break from reality. Plus, who doesn’t like cartoons? (Seriously. If you don’t like cartoons, there’s probably something very wrong with you.)

The Curtis Arts and Humanities Center is at 2349 East Orchard Road in Greenwood Village; call 303-797-1779 or visit www.greenwoodvillage.com/index.asp?NID=148.
Dec. 19-Jan. 2, 2008


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