Top five Wes Anderson one-liners

Top five Wes Anderson one-liners

There are endless lists to be made about Wes Anderson films: best music moments, best drug references, best Bill Murray scenes.... Fans of Anderson treasure every second of his films, often committing whole passages to memory; many can mimic the characters on screen, and they're always up for a repeat viewing. And this month, they'll have the chance to get their fill of Anderson: Tomorrow, June 6, the Mayan Theater will introduce the next program in its Classic Film Series, featuring the movies of Wes Anderson himself.

As a bit of foreplay for that series, we give you the top five Wes Anderson one-liners:

5. Bottle Rocket: "Who's that man?"

When a handful of inexperienced (and emotionally unstable) wanna-be criminals attempt a heist of a cold-storage facility, what could go wrong? Well, for starters the safe-cracking expert seems to have no idea what's going on. Played by 76-year-old Indian actor Kumar Pallana (often remembered as Pagoda in The Royal Tenenbaums), the confused senior shows his ineptitude when he is left to work his magic on the safe, and is still sitting down, looking bored and awaiting instruction when his teammates return. It quickly becomes clear to all involved that he isn't the safe expert he's cracked up to be -- especially when he's inexplicably found standing in a walk-in freezer a few moments later, confused. But it should have been been obvious from the beginning of the heist, when things start to get serious and Kumar points to one of his accomplices and deadpans: "Who's that man?"

4. Rushmore: "O.R. they?"

When Jason Schwartzman's love interest brings an unexpected guest to his celebratory dinner, the unfortunate suitor quickly learns that Schwartzman is a relentless bully. Only fifteen -- yet half drunk with a bleeding nose -- Schwartzman's Max Fischer delivers one tormenting line after another, calling Luke Wilson's character "curly" (mocking his shaved head), and even flicking his hand with a spoon when Wilson attempts to reach across the table for the creamer, only to spill the dish on his lap when Wilson politely asks for it. But then, the ugliness began with Schwartzman's endlessly witty comment about Wilson's "nurse's uniform."

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