Triple Play

Three interesting shows open today at Core: two self-titled solos dedicated to Core co-op members — a painter and a photographer — in the impressive main space, and a juried group show in the annex.

The painter is Theresa Lugo, who dabbles in nature-based abstractions and explains that she’s “inspired by patterns in nature, but that fractals, repetition and serendipity also play a large part in the paintings.” According to Bruce Clark, Core’s public relations manager, “Theresa’s work, in acrylic on canvas, uses bright backgrounds, and she works off that. When looked at from a distance, it seems like she’s doing floral images, but up close, they’re actually very personal abstractions.”

The photographer is Laurie Dunn, whose solo show comprises digital prints with conceptual content. “After years of hearing instructors discuss compositional rules, I desperately wanted to create a series of work that breaks them,” notes Dunn. Though in the past she embraced work with socio-political themes, these pieces suggest abstraction. “I found myself drawn to round objects and combed parks and produce aisles, and even scoured ancient Chinese medicine shops to find my subjects,” Dunn explains. She photographs her selected objects, then enlarges the prints using a flatbed scanner, finally mounting the prints on aluminum panels.

The Container Show, installed in the annex, is a juried show sponsored by the Colorado Chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art. The lone juror was Laurie Zuckerman, a Colorado-based artist and teacher.

The shows all open on Thursday, August 19, and run through September 5 at Core, 900 Santa Fe Drive. An artists’ reception will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. tomorrow night. For more information, call 303-297-8428 or go to
Aug. 19-Sept. 5, 2010


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