Trucks Amuck
Christopher Smith

Trucks Amuck

SAT, 8/13

Still pining for the times of tight jeans, Aqua Net, and heavy-metal T-shirts? Have a thing for big tires crunching metal? If so, you will definitely want to haul butt up to Copper Mountain for Monsters on the Mountain, which kicks off today and runs through tomorrow evening. Allow your trip up I-70 to serve as preparation for the impending, well-rutted memory-lane experience, when you will be greeted by icons of both the trucking and rock worlds. The legendary Big Foot and six of his behemoth truck brethren will take center stage before the strident motors are replaced by amplifier reverb, with Warrant and Poison's Bret Michaels banging their heads on consecutive nights. "It's going to be an action-packed, car-crushing weekend," says Copper's Lauren Pelletreau.

Aside from the big tires and even bigger hair, the weekend's docket is filled with local truck shows, demolition derbies and movies, including tonight's dose of the heavy-metal parody This Is Spinal Tap. And tomorrow night, tuneful motorheads can view Some Kind of Monster, the 2004 documentary that chronicles the meltdown of Metallica during a span from 2001 to 2003.

You'll have to pack light, as no outside coolers, alcohol or pets will be allowed, but just $15 will get you the full day of grease, guitars and gearheads. Don't forget extra beer money or your very own mullet.

For more information, call 1-866-416-9872 or visit -- Cub Buenning

Dogs Score
The Rapids reach out to Rover.
WED, 8/17

Following a trend at outdoor sporting events nationwide, the Colorado Rapids will host their first Dog Days of August in conjunction with tonight's 7:30 match with the New England Revolution at Invesco Field at Mile High. The stadium's south stands will be transformed into a dog pound of a different kind, with activities, special seating and a photo booth for all pre-registered doggy duos. You and your pup can take in the match for just $15 -- with proceeds benefiting the Denver Dumb Friends League -- but register before Friday, August 12, because all canines must go through a thorough background check. Keep in mind that the stadium falls within Denver's city limits, so pit bulls need not apply.

The day includes performances from some of the area's best disc and fly-ball teams, as well as prizes for the pooch in the best Rapids getup. For registration information, call 303-825-GOAL or visit www.colorado -- Cub Buenning


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