True Stories

It was only after National Guardsman Ryan Kelly returned from flying Black Hawk helicopters in Iraq that reading about the policy of rendition — when U.S. prisoners of war are transferred to the custody of a third party, with fewer restrictions on torture — inspired him to write rendition.

"It's a play about people in the war," says Jones, who was a reporter for the Jefferson County Sentinel before going to Iraq. "The heart of the play is what would you do to protect somebody you care about and how far would you go to protect them if you were in grave danger. People need to go see this play."

Stories on Stage, which describes the two-act play as "wrenching, sometimes funny, often brutal," presents rendition at 2 p.m. at the Jones Theatre in the Denver Performing Arts Complex. To make the show accessible to everyone, SOS recommends a donation of $5 to $15. For information or advance tickets, call 303-494-0523 or visit
Sun., May 6, 2 p.m.


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