When touting the awesomeness of adult dodgeball leagues and tourneys, organizers and participants always talk about reliving the glory days of gym class. They talk about totalitarian school districts that have banned the game from recess and physical education classes. Sometimes they even talk about how good it feels to pum-mel someone with a red rubber ball. Michael Mendez, organizer of the fourth annual Clobber the Gobbler dodgeball tournament, talks about our fat asses.

“It’s more of a stress release for adults who just want to get out of work and play and burn off some calories right before Thanksgiving,” he says. Considering the frozen turkey for first place and the after-party/awards ceremony at Damon’s Grill, however, those calories aren’t likely to disappear for long.

Teams of six or more (at least half female) can register for the round-robin tournament at 303-450-8928 and forking over $120. The action begins at 6:30 p.m. at the Northglenn Recreation Center, 11801 Community Center Drive in Northglenn.
Fri., Nov. 14, 2008


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