Twitter Tuesday: Bros, meet Chet Haze

Twitter Tuesday: Bros, meet Chet Haze

Like many tweeters, Chet also tries to speak in truths (see above). Who doesn't agree that most modern day Biggie re-workings are whack? Even when Girl Talk lays B.I.G.'s "Juicy" over Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" it doesn't feel right. Chet gets that. Chet gets us. We get Chet.

Twitter Tuesday: Bros, meet Chet Haze

​Chet also proves that he too is prone to error, and there is a person behind his sometimes fallible tweets. Like how he relays the words "Nazis" and "lol" in the same thought pattern. Twitter can be a great platform for anyone wishing to share their unfiltered streams-of-consciousness with the larger world, and Chet does it big. Mostly, Chet reminds us that, well, star-tweeters: They're just like us!

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