Mikveh jams.
Mikveh jams.

Vey to Go

SUN, 7/13

It's fitting that the Mizel Center for Arts and Culture's first Lazarus Family Summer Concert would feature a group called Mikveh: The all-woman klezmer supergroup is named after the ritual bath that is a monthly tradition for many Jewish women. (The practice also happens to be the subject of the exhibition The Mikvah Project, currently on display in Mizel's Singer Gallery through August 24.) But regardless of nomenclature, this combo's main draw is its soaring talent: Violinist Alicia Svigals of the Klezmatics fiddles up a storm, while veteran accordionist Lauren Brody pumps with brio and Yiddish diva Adrienne Cooper supplies the vocals; also in the mix are bassist Catherine Popper and Susan Watts Hoffman, who carries on a generations-old family tradition of playing the trumpet. The band sublimely conjures the genre's old-country melodies and jazzy inflections. So go, already: Mikveh performs outdoors tonight at 7 p.m. at the Mizel Center, 350 South Dahlia Street. Tickets are $10 to $15 (a pass for up to six family members is available for $50); to get yours, call 303-316-6360 or log on to www.mizelcenter.org. -- Susan Froyd

Planet Trippin'
MON, 7/14

Extraterrestrial life may or may not overhear the strains of celestial music resonating at 7 p.m. tonight from Gates Planetarium, but patrons of Classic Planet Night will surely pick up the cosmic vibrations. As the Musica Sacra Chamber Orchestra performs Haydn's "Mercury" and Mozart's "Jupiter" symphonies, audience members will embark on a virtual tour through the solar system as mapped out by the planetarium's new 3-D Cosmic Atlas. Tickets for the space trek -- $75 for Denver Museum of Nature & Science members and $85 for non-members -- are a cheap alternative to actual space travel. And unlike a spaceship trip, this outing includes wine and hors d'oeuvres before the show, as well as a post-performance "insider discussion" with Cosmic Atlas creator Howard Cook. The museum, which houses the planetarium, is at 2001 Colorado Boulevard; call 303-322-7009 for details. -- Jonelle Wilkinson Seitz

Epic Travels
Silk Road links cultures
FRI, 7/11

The trail from East to West not only linked cultures, but it enriched them, too. The famed Silk Road, the trade route connecting Asia with Europe for 2,500 years, brought much more than just the spices and fabrics sought by Europeans. The path was also an early version of the information highway, carrying ideas about everything from gunpowder to pasta, music to spirituality.

In recognition of this, the Golden Sun Foundation will present "A Night on Silk Road," a musical journey that leads from the mysterious East straight to Boulder (where else?), tonight at 8 p.m. at the Boulder Theater, 2032 14th Street. Headlined by Grammy Award-winning musician Kitaro, the show will also feature Tibetan Nawang Khechog, Beth Quist and various local musicians; together, they'll re-create the feel of Central Asian tent cities. A fashion show is part of the entertainment, and traditional snacks will be available.

Tickets, $24 to $34, can be purchased at www.bouldertheater.com or by calling 303-786-7030. A percentage of the event's proceeds will go toward restoring Baghdad's cultural treasures. -- Ernie Tucker


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