Sheryl Renee sings from her favorites.
Sheryl Renee sings from her favorites.

Voices From the Past

SUN, 4/10

Not even the best mix CD can compare with the musical diversity of singer and actress Sheryl Renee. A sample of her repertoire, which covers over 120 artists, will be on display tonight during Sheryl Renee and Her Salute to the Legends. Every Sunday this month, Renee will select three artists to highlight by describing their pasts, singing their songs and describing how they affected her life. "It's my way of giving back to all of the legends that I admired growing up," says Renee. Tonight's lineup includes Nat King Cole, Natalie Cole and the Jackson 5.

The concerts take place at the Denver Civic Theatre, 721 Santa Fe Drive, in the recently renovated Black Box Cabaret; shows start at 7:30 p.m. The intimate venue will allow audiences to enjoy an up-close look at each artist's background and music. For tickets, $11.50, call 303-309-3773 or visit -- Corey Helland

What a Circus!
SAT, 4/9

The Russians are invading Denver. But they're not hostile invaders. Instead, they're a troupe of second- and third-generation performers waving the banner of the Moscow State Circus, a once-proud centerpiece of Soviet-bloc culture.

And though the Evil Empire melted under the persistent rays of capitalism, it did leave behind a tradition that this group invokes, noting on its website that it has managed to "strip away the gaudiness of the circus and instead draw on the dramatic and theatrical aspects." Sure, it might seem like a cross between Cirque du Soleil and an animal-free Ringling Bros., but is that bad, comrade? Watching a four-man jump-rope team, a motorcyclist on a high wire or even the retro-sounding Borsche (billed as "the man with more bounce than a rubber ball" ) ricochet on a trampoline sounds like some old-world wackiness.

The Moscow State Circus marches again today and Saturday, April 10, at Magness Arena, 2240 East Buchtel Boulevard. Tickets are $23 and $31 (kids under twelve free with adult), and available through For information on the show, go to -- Jerri Theil

A Silenced Voice
God's Country recalls Alan Berg's murder.
TUES, 4/12

If you listen to Peter Boyles long enough, you're likely to hear him wax nostalgic about his friend Alan Berg. The vitriolic, left-wing Jewish talk-show host was on his way to national radio stardom when he was gunned down by a white-supremacist group called The Order in 1984. Playwright Eric Bogosian took up Berg's banner with Talk Radio in 1984, and Oliver Stone followed suit four years later with a movie of the same name. Now the National Theatre Conservatory -- the graduate school of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts -- is staging God's Country, which tells Berg's story. This is the final thesis for the eight NTC students graduating this year; they will weave together not only monologues in a courtroom drama, but also a film compiled from hundreds of hours of television broadcasts about the murder.

The play opens tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the Tramway Theatre, 1101 13th Street, and runs through April 23. For information and tickets, $14, call 303-893-4100 or visit -- Amy Haimerl


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