Wall flip-to-pool fail: Your moment of lulz

Wall flip-to-pool fail: Your moment of lulz

In recent history, perhaps no phenomenon has been so conducive to spectacular failure than Parkour -- also known as "freestyle walking" -- a sport that causes people to attempt flips and other assorted gymnastics off all manner of objects toward the end of either injuring themselves hilariously or succeeding unremarkably. Also a popular source of failure, for obvious reasons, is the Speedo. This video has both.

Man, that looked like it seriously hurt. One the other hand, it pales in comparison to the real failure here, which is obviously that other guy's wiener. I mean, we understand the appeal of the man-kini -- and honestly, it might even have helped your ill-fated friend by giving his legs the freedom to pivot out of harm's way. But good Lord, man, adjust that thing -- it looks like a struggling herring in there. If you're going to make your penis uncomfortably visible to everyone, the least you can do is give it an attractive presentation.

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