Wall-to-Wall Art

Gallery owner Carmen Wiedenhoeft likens local abstract artist Jeffrey Keith's creative output to that of Clyfford Still or Vincent Van Gogh. "When these people are so voraciously creative, they do anything and everything their whole life, and it's incessant," explains Wiedenhoeft, who has been working with Keith, a professor of color theory at the University of Denver, for two years to archive more than 2,000 pieces of art he's created over the past four decades. "When you just see one painting and you think you know him, it's not even a tiny fraction of what he's done in his life."

Wiedenhoeft's gallery will lend a unique insight into that life, displaying a carefully curated collection of work that ranges from early figure studies and sculpture to more recent abstract paintings. The show provides a fascinating peek into Keith's creative process while showcasing ways in which new media can be used to document the work of a living artist.

In Context opens at the Carmen Wiedenhoeft Gallery, 3542 Walnut Street, tonight during a reception from 6 to 9 p.m., and stays up through November 18. For more information, visit the gallery's Facebook page or jeffreykeith.com.

Sept. 28-Nov. 18, 2012


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