Watching the Detective

I'm an unrepentant mystery fanatic, but a selective one, and I like my authors neat, literate and hard boiled. One name that'll never leave the top of my must read list is Michael Connelly, whose new books I long for, one after another. The poor man couldn't possibly turn them out fast enough for me. A lot of that has to do with Harry Bosch, Connelly's supremely crafted cash cow detective, who never fails to compel as he walks the shadowed pages of the L.A. novels he habituates. But it's also a matter of Connelly's journalistic eye for detail and procedure. Plus, he's pretty handy with a plot.

Connelly's newest book, The Overlook, was first seen in a serial version published recently in the New York Times Magazine, but the story, a yarn touching on issues of terrorism while throwing Bosch in with his old love, FBI agent Rachel Walling, stretches out comfortably in the novel. Hear a few bars tonight at 7:30 p.m., when the author reads from and signs the book at the Tattered Cover, 2526 East Colfax Avenue; for details, call 303-322-7727 or go to


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