Wear your bat-heart on your shirt, with a new tee from DenverMind Media
DenverMind Media

Wear your bat-heart on your shirt, with a new tee from DenverMind Media

One way people are choosing to move forward after Friday's shootings in Aurora: by going to the movies. It's their way of saying that they're not afraid -- to take back the movie theater, so to speak, and especially The Dark Knight Rises, the last film in a series already plagued by a troubled past. It's small thing, but if a Batman saga can bring back our sense of security, so be it.

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DenverMind Media, a group of creatives providing inexpensive media support to local small businesses and nonprofits, has now created a T-shirt that embodies that sentiment, with a Batman-themed heart logo. And when you put it on, you can wear it proudly. As DenverMind Media explains:

This shooting in A-Town hit us hard. Some of us live there. Many of our friends and family do too. We had to do something. So we did. We made a shirt. And we're going to sell this shirt, and ALL of the proceeds we raise will go to the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance.

To purchase one -- they come in a variety of styles and colors, and run $15 to $25 -- visit DenverMind Media's Cafe Press site.

See you at the movies!

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