Welcome Back, Heller

I’d have to assume it’s unanimous – we’re all glad to see DJ Jason Heller’s byline back in these pages — but Westword’s not the only venue to welcome back a conquering hero: In the last couple of months, Hella’s also been back behind the turntables at the hi-dive, again hosting his Off the Wall dance night, which once garnered repeat Best of Denver mentions and kept hundreds of local hipsters in shape.

What brings Heller back, and why now? “Basically, I'm trying to fill a gap that most of Denver's retro dance nights – even the good ones – aren't able to: namely, playing stuff you didn't know you could dance to. Like the Cramps and Stealer's Wheel. I also like to stray from the ’80s just a bit and play lots of ’70s stuff like Kiss and Roxy Music and Donna Summer. I don't mind throwing down Madonna and Prince, seeing as how I grew up on that stuff — and since the name of the night is swiped from Michael Jackson, he'll always hold a dear place in my heart and on the dance floor. But I do love to confound people's expectations just a little.” And finally, “I'm vehemently against mash-ups and remixes. I play the real song, the whole song, and nothing but the song.”

’Nuff said. Bring your blue suede shoes and/or silver moon boots tonight — and most Wednesdays — at 9 p.m. to the hi-dive, 7 South Broadway, and prepare to dance all night; admission is free and the hi-dive will be offering $1 PBRs. Get details at www.hi-dive.com or call 720-570-4500.
Wednesdays, 9 p.m., 2009


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