Westword's Best of Denver 2011 is live!

You may not have wondered what the "Best Short Film Shot in Denver Involving a Bleeding Clown" was this year -- yet -- but chances are, you're wondering now. So rejoice, pilgrim, because the time has now come to find out the answers to these and other worthless questions, in addition to our picks for slightly more useful categories like "Best Place to See and Buy the Art of Colorado's Future" and "Best Free Entertainment," because Westword's Best of 2011 issue is live. So here it is, our gift to you.

If you're looking for hard answers, be sure to check out the Best of 2011 iPhone app or use our search bar for specific entries -- but the best way to do it, according to us, is to randomly peruse the categories for answers to questions you never even knew you had. Check our Arts & Entertainment, Shopping & Services and People & Places sections, or for the whole shebang, just hit up the Best Of homepage. Do it! Do it now!

Because you never know when you'll need the definitive word on which Denver TV personality has the best hair.

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