WHAT SEASON IS THIS and Selective Vision: The Art of Digital Atelier

There are two interesting shows kicking off the fall season at Walker Fine Art (300 West 11th Avenue, #A): WHAT SEASON IS THIS, which is in the front and combines paintings by Don Quade and sculptures by Paula Castillo; and, in the back, Selective Vision: The Art of Digital Atelier, which brings together experimental photo-based pieces by Dorothy Krause, Bonny Lhotka and Karin Schminke.

Quade's work has long been related to that of his friend, Emilio Lobato, but these new pieces indicate that he's striking out in a different direction. In addition to his old standby -- abstract, geometric shapes -- Quade is showing images based on plants and flowers. In "Midnight Garden" (pictured), one of the strongest paintings in the show, he put down a smudged, light-colored ground and then drew fern fronds running from the edges into the middle of the painting. "Havana" is similar, but with palm fronds. These paintings look like traditional wallpaper, which, oddly enough, gives them a contemporary edge.

Castillo's neo-minimalist sculptures work well with the Quades even though the two bodies of work have nothing in common except the artists' shared taste for subtle colors. In the floor-bound "walalata," which is Hopi for "waving," Castillo lined up scores of woven wire pillows in two straight lines. Also strong is "staircase," in which seven blocky, bench-like steel shapes were arranged in a semi-circle to evoke a theater or chapel.


WHAT SEASON IS THIS and Selective Vision: The Art of Digital Atelier

300 West 11th Avenue, #A

The Selective Vision artists were each given one wall. Krause, Lhotka and Schminke are all experimenting with various photo processes, both new and old, but each starts out with digital technology and turns recognizable images into abstracts. Putting on small shows with three artists in this space is a new idea for owner Bobbi Walker, and I think it was a smart way for her to expand her place without needing to do any remodeling.

What Season Is This and Selective Vision close on September 30 at Walker Fine Art.


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