What’s the Matter?

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Rick Griffith — he calls himself design director, but we prefer “letterpress king” — you can get to know the typographer behind the hair at tonight’s MATTER’s 14th Annual Print Sale and Party, which the King and his posse are throwing down at their industrial-chic, two-story LoDo studio. Free and open to friends, family and Denver’s type-loving public, the party promises live letterpress demos, intoxicating music and even more intoxicating libations: Great Divide beer, a few home brews and a ten-gallon fish tank of mojitos.

New this year: “Letters hot off the laser,” Griffith says. “This is the first year we’ve owned the lasers,” he says of the laser-engraving equipment. Guests can preview an array of prints that can be purchased online; some have already been acquired by the Denver Art Museum. And there will be a special, locals-only selection that is not online. The festivities will also herald the relaunch of MATTER’s storefront, The Composing Room of Letters, Alphabets and Selected Sentiments, which is Griffith’s fancy name for “a place where you can get letters of every conceivable kind.” Just show up at 2134 Market Street at 8 p.m., or call 303-893-0330 for more details.
Fri., Dec. 13, 7 p.m., 2013


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