When Robots Dance

For Real Steel, the final installment in the Aspen Grove free family film series, the Alamo Drafthouse decided to get as close as possible to bringing the movie to life. “As far as the Alamo is concerned, we try to incorporate themes into our pre-shows and really enhance the movie experience,” explains Alamo Denver partner Tom DeFrancia. “This is just a great example, where we take a movie about fighting robots and dancing robots and kids programming these robots and we actually bring in people who are doing this in real life. I think it’s a really cool Alamo signature event.”

That means that not only do you get Hugh Jackman robot-boxing while connecting with his lovable moppet of a son (who teaches the same robot to dance) on screen, but you also get local creators doing an exhibition of robot combat and the kids of Ameribotics showing off their breakdancing ’bots. While the various electronic creatures do their thing, organic life forms can enjoy discounted food items from Aspen Grove vendors and $2 beers from Odell Brewing. Proceeds go to Ameribotics, a nonprofit that sponsors the International Robot Olympiad.

:The fun starts at 7 p.m., with the movie screening at sundown, at 7301 South Santa Fe Drive in Littleton. Admission is free. For more info, visit facebook.com/AlamoDenver.
Wed., July 25, 2012


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