Whiskey and a Western

Stressful work environment? Bad breakup? Lost your job?

Some days are meant to be followed by a bourbon, a beer and an old Western movie, and happily, you can get all three at the venerable Watson’s groceries and liquors, which has held down the corner of Ninth and Lincoln since the 1950s.

The store started selling old Westerns -- and only old Westerns – on DVD a couple years ago. Priced at $7.99 each, they are popular around the holidays and on Father’s Day, as well as with some regulars, one of whom has bought every title.

Examples include: Bad Man of Deadwood (1941) with Roy Rogers; Apache Rose (1947) with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans; Any Gun Can Play (1967), a spaghetti Western; Abilene Town (1946) with Randolph Scott and Lloyd Bridges; Randy Rides Alone (1934) with John Wayne; and Tulsa (1949) with Susan Hayward and Robert Preston.

Maybe this is where your luck will change. – Jonathan Shikes


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