Whiteout 2014: What Did the Audience Wear?
All photos by Mauricio O. Rocha

Whiteout 2014: What Did the Audience Wear?

Last night's 2014 Whiteout fashion show not only presented hot designs from local designers on the runway, but brought out Denver's fashionistas to witness the stylish spectacle. Here's a rundown on what some of them wore to the event, what they thought of the fashion show, and some current trends we noticed for menswear and womenswear.

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Whiteout 2014: What Did the Audience Wear? (2)
Mauricio O. Rocha

Christine Shin wore a vintage Italian fur that she purchased for five dollars. "I'm not condoning wearing fur, but I am playing devil's advocate. At least it's a used fur," says Shin. "I wore this outfit tonight because it's fucking cold outside." Shin completed her look with blue boots, shiny pants and a fur hat. 

Whiteout 2014: What Did the Audience Wear? (5)
Mauricio O. Rocha

Local fashion designer Lil' Fresh Sam was posted at her stand, rocking her own custom creations. She paid tribute to Michael Jackson with her red leather jacket and with custom bow-tie necklace (which was for sale at Whiteout), custom pants and custom-painted gold sneakers. "I don't really care about brands," she says.

Whiteout 2014: What Did the Audience Wear? (6)
Mauricio O. Rocha

Shane Kaufman was spotted wearing a pink bow-tie, along with a gray cardigan and bucket hat. "I'm changing my style for the new year: bow-ties all year long," says Kaufman. His pink bow-tie matched the pink VIP gift bags, and showcased an upcoming trend for menswear: bow-ties. Kaufman loved the trends he saw on the runway. "It was a great show," he says. "I enjoyed the urban styling and designs."

Whiteout 2014: What Did the Audience Wear? (7)
Mauricio O. Rocha

Stockbroker Zarin Ratowsky wore a relaxed suit, without a tie, and metallic sunglasses with the lenses popped out. He finished off his "low-key fashion ensemble" with cowboy boots and denim. "I thought the show was fantastic," he reports. "I particularly enjoyed the second round of models and designs. The event was well organized, so Westword gets my props."

Clearly, the second annual Whiteout was a success, mixing Denver's local designers with their customers. Everyone looked great both on and off the runway, despite the snowy weather, and offered a snapshot of current fashion trends, including fur, bow-ties, denim and cowboy boots.

Until next year, Denver, stay stylish.


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