Who is Boobby Crane?

Man, our heads are really in the toilet these days. Wait. Are jokes about boobs considered "toilet humor"? Whatever, this photo probably qualifies as a dirty joke, just because its funny to say the word "booby." Technically, on this sign we saw outside the Vine Street Pub yesterday said "Boobby," but nonetheless, we LOLed. Hard. Like, for a good five minutes longer than we should have.

We're just going to go ahead and assume that one of our favorite restaurants was really talking about hi-larious local comedian Bobby Crane, but the sign didn't say that. It said "boobby." Seriously, we just cracked ourselves up again. Boobby. Dude, they are never going to live this down!

Who is Boobby Crane?

You would think we would be desensitized to the juvenile humor in misspelled and/or inappropriate signage (thanks mostly to photoshopped church sign memes about Jesus looking for your ass for the rizzle), but no. We still find the word "booby" to be funny. This is also why we still find time daily to peruse Collegehumor.com, our favorite website of the last decade. Boobby.

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