Whole Foods Market on Capitol Hill installs Dero Fixit bike stand
Britt Chester

Whole Foods Market on Capitol Hill installs Dero Fixit bike stand

With bicycles increasingly popular around town, the Whole Foods in Capitol Hill now features a one-stop shop for basic bike problems: a Dero Fixit bike stand. Did your cruiser get a flat tire on your way to the bar? Stop here and pump it up. Do you have a loose bolt on your road bike's components? Tighten it here.

Page through to see photos of the new station, and find out more about this great addition to our community.

"There are fifteen to twenty bikes parked out in front of our store at any given time," says Ben Brignac, manager of the Whole Foods at 900 East 11th Avenue, "and probably 30 to 40 percent of our customers are cyclists." The store sits in the heart of Capitol Hill -- a mecca of hip young adults who have found cycling to be the most appropriate, and useful, means of transportation.

Whole Foods Market on Capitol Hill installs Dero Fixit bike stand

The new Dero Fixit bike stands come fully equipped with every tool needed to fix a bicycle. "There was a guy at one of our old-style Fixit stands that assembled an entire bike," explains Mark Skoine, marketing coordinator for Dero Bike Rack Company, which is based in Minneapolis. "These stands come fully equipped to assemble your standard bicycle." The tools are connected to the stand with high-grade steel cables, making them nearly impossible to rip off, but if they do disappear, "Dero replaces and covers the cost of all the tools," says Skoine.

Whole Foods Market on Capitol Hill installs Dero Fixit bike stand

"Another great perk is the QR code on the side of the stand," Skoine adds, "and if you have a smart phone and you don't know how to adjust your headset, it will take you to a comprehensive bike repair website." Basically, this site will walk you through how to diagnose and potentially fix the problem.

Dero's goal is not to have this stand replace your local bike shop, but to provide a service if you're in a pinch. The company has been designing custom and standard bike parking areas since 1995. According to Skoine, Dero has roughly 250 Fixit stands around the country, and thousands of bicycle parking racks.

"I ride a hybrid myself," Brignac says, "so I definitely support these. We wanted to show our appreciation for our customers' support of us by giving it right back to them."

And Capitol Hill isn't alone: The Whole Foods Market at 2905 Pearl Street in Boulder has also installed a Dero Fixit stand.

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