Wipe Your Face!

Andrew Novick -- Warlock Pincher, collector, Asian-pop aficionado, character-about-town -- is into things, and one of those things is food. Already famous for his annual Peeps barbecue, he has of late gained a reputation for outrageous food events and edibles, such as the Denver County Fair's out-of-control, one-with-everything pancake breakfast, J-pop cupcakes, Thanksgiving on a Stick and Andrew Novicks X-Treme Confection Creation at the Colorado Chocolate Festival (see Friday). But Novick has figured out yet another weird way to experience food -- and that's sort of the concept behind Food Face, a new exhibition of his photography that focuses on food as...shock makeup?

It begins with "Meatballs!" -- an image of Novick pressing saucy meatballs into his eyes with forks (those are glasses he's wearing over the mush-up) and progresses from there: You'll meet "Cake Face," "Hannibal Twizzlers" and "Shrimp Dental Exam." "I'm always taking pictures of people with food, but I guess I'm interested in things that people do with food that's not eating food," Novick says, noting that despite the gross-out factor, people seem to get it. "It's not like they look away. They go, 'Oh, what is that?' and realize it's just food you would eat but that happens to be on someone's face."

Expect an event when the show opens tonight with a reception from 7 to 10 p.m. at GroundSwell Gallery, 3121 East Colfax Avenue, that includes food ("People could either eat or take pictures with it," Novick adds), a wraparound window display and a general party atmosphere. Food Face continues through June 6; go to www.groundswellgallery.com or call 720-394-2888.
May 12-June 6, 2012


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