X: October 12, 1983, Rainbow Music Hall

X: October 12, 1983, Rainbow Music Hall

This Rainbow Music Hall concert was not the first time I saw X: That took place at the old Mercury Cafe on Pearl and 13th, and I have no ticket stub from that night, but it was one of the most amazing shows I ever saw there or anywhere else. The entire room seemed to arc with electricity that night, and Billy Zoom in particular was all aglow with some kind of inner power-hold, gazing beatifically over the crowd, perfectly at peace with himself as he calmly soloed through the epicenter of X's swirling sound. At the Rainbow, they were still good, but the larger venue swallowed their fervor almost as quickly as they could pump it out.

Some bands were just meant to be heard in a grungy club, and X was one of them. But, you see, I do have a ticket from that show.

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