Yes, We Can!

You may have explored the liquid assets of Pabst Blue Ribbon, the pale lager that’s seen a revival in recent years, but can you make art out of it?

The three-year-old PB-Arts Contest is betting that you can, challenging Pabst lovers to incorporate the iconic PBR can into artwork in four disciplines: photography, painting, sculpture and poetry (new this year). The grand-prize winners in each category will receive $1,893 (symbolic of the year the beer won its famed blue ribbon) and a one-year supply of PBR; runners-up get exactly one-third of the prize: $631 and a four-month supply of the brew. The winning work will also be proudly displayed across the country — in weekly papers and store displays, as well as on newspaper racks and bus benches, and through other visual mediums. If that’s enough to get creativity flowing through your veins, submit your PBR art to by tomorrow!

To get a taste for what’s possible, stop by the Bank Bar and Grill, 2239 East Colfax Avenue; the Bluebird, 3343 East Colfax; Rocky Mountain Guitar Repair, 4214 East Colfax; or the Music Gear Guys, 220 South Broadway, which all feature displays of past Pabst art entries.
Jan. 1-31, 2009


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