You Are What You Eat

There's no better way to describe Denver mover (and Westword MasterMind) Ashara Ekundayo than the way she does it herself: “I'm an artivist,” she proclaims. Her goal has always been to instigate change through a cultural lens, taking the sting out of race issues by blazing pathways of positivity through the mire of urban blight. Her most recent foray into artivism, Blue and Yellow Logic, bases itself on the model of Oakland's Grind for the Green and Brooklyn's Go Live!, concentrating on bringing the possibilities of urban gardening and sustainability in black and brown communities straight to the folks, right where they live.

“Our overall construct was to expand the conversation on sustainability in urban Colorado communities,” Ekundayo says. “And the most acceptable entry into that discussion is food: issues like food justice, food security and the health disparities connected to our diet.”

It's in that spirit that Ekundayo, who has partnered with Go Live! and, is throwing tonight's Biennial-related Go Live!: Live, a multimedia cabaret and locally sourced soul food dinner, beginning at 6 p.m. at Green Spaces Colorado, 1368 26th Street. “Everybody loves to eat,” she says. “Everybody can stand up and say, 'Yeah, I want a plate of organic food.'” And the lesson you learn from eating is the capper to the evening.

So pack your own plate (this is a zero-waste event) and pile it on; admission is $5 to $10 on a sliding scale. Afterward, guests are invited to hop over to the Meadowlark, 2701 Larimer Street, for Ekundayo's party of a different stripe: The We Are Haiti Benefit Part 2, a continuation of her first Haiti benefit, which happened not long after earthquakes leveled parts of the island. Part 2, she notes, will be more focused on live performance as it raises money for the Lambi Fund Food Justice Delegation to Haiti. Hit the 'Lark from 9 p.m. to close for a dance party with live music and performances; admission is a $10 donation.

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Thu., July 29, 6-9 p.m., 2010


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