Who is Philip K. Dick, and why does he have a festival of his own? That question isn’t just rhetorical. Dave Hyde — aka Lord Running Clam, organizer of the first Philip K. Dick Festival — is using that exact talking point to launch the first panel discussion at the inaugural event, which runs through Sunday. A celebration of the visionary work of Dick, the late science-fiction legend, the fest aims to connect hard-core devotees with casual fans who know Dick mostly as the author whose books inspired the films Blade Runner, Total Recall, Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly.

“The most vital and enduring quality of PKD’s work is his fantastic imagination,” says Hyde. “No other writer compares with his wild plot ideas. And his main themes — What is real? What is human? — explore these questions and enter territory few other writers dare to.”

The festival starts at 10 a.m. today at Roy’s Last Shot (17286 Highway 119 in Rollinsville). From there, it will spread out to various other venues in the Black Hawk/Nederland area, including the Stage Stop Inn (60 Main Street, Rollinsville). Panel discussions, guest speakers, vendors, film screenings, live music and a charity auction of Dick memorabilia will be featured throughout the weekend. Everything is free; for a complete schedule, go to
Aug. 13-15, 2010


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