Young Converts

Just as it is in science, technology and Internet dating, in the art world, newer is better. This is partly the spirit behind Robischon Gallery’s EYTJ (Even Younger Than Jesus), a provocatively titled show that brings together new artists who are younger than Jesus was when he died — in other words, less than 33 years old.

The show “evolved out of our solo for Chi Peng, one of our young artists from China,” says Jennifer Doran, Robischon’s co-director. “We decided to open up the discussion by also including several other young artists -- we were taking our cue from the New Museum, where a similar show was done -- and we wanted to look at the work out there being done by young artists. Plus, we couldn’t resist having a little fun as our gallery fare for the holidays.”

This exhibit includes the work of art stars: In addition to Peng, there’s Isca Greenfield-Sanders and William Lamson, as well as a coterie of locals such as Zach Burk, Sterling Crispin, Ian Fisher and Noah Manos.

The doors open on EYTJ tonight at 6 p.m. at Robischon, 1740 Wazee Street, with the festivities continuing until 8. Call 303-298-7788 or go to
Nov. 11-Dec. 31, 2010


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