Your moment of WTF: Sheep hate me

Your moment of WTF: Sheep hate me

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about it, but there's no denying that the creepiest possible accent is the accent of a soft-spoken British child. It must be, because there's really no other explanation as to why this by-all-rights innocuous video of a British kid insistently asking sheep if they like broccoli seems to take on such a disturbingly surreal undertone.

Well, probably it's a number of factors: In addition to the calm, insistent British child, you have the nonplussed reaction of the sheep at around 0:22, which is about the point when you realize that the sheep possibly has a better understanding of what's going on here than you do. And there's also the random outburst of running and unintelligible yelling at the end, which suggests a sort of

Blair Witch: English Moors

feel. Or maybe it's because the whole thing somehow reminds us of "Salad Fingers":

Whatever it is,

sweet dreams


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