• @alanprend
    13 June, 2018

    Chalk up another victory in Zen Magnets' David v. Goliath battle with the Consumer Product Safety Commission over t… https://t.co/iz4J7EcCWc

  • @alanprend
    30 May, 2018

    Great stuff, including some acute observations on ferret legging. https://t.co/vwjGFkLZv5

  • @alanprend
    22 May, 2018

    RT @bikejournalist: A Colorado music legend on the lam, an international family abduction case, tangles with the Coors brewing company, dec…

  • @alanprend
    21 May, 2018

    Building Denver's $350m Four Seasons in the Great Recession led to some complicated deals--and 8 years later, thef… https://t.co/y9jPNCsOu2

  • @alanprend
    18 May, 2018

    RT @daynalynndavis: Guess this is journalism. #yikes https://t.co/5k9BZCEDjz


Alan Prendergast

Alan Prendergast

Alan Prendergast has been writing for Westword for over thirty years. He teaches journalism at Colorado College; his stories about the justice system, historic crimes, high-security prisons and death by misadventure have won numerous awards and appeared in a wide range of magazines and anthologies.

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