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2000 Stories by Alan Prendergast

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  • The Needle and the Damage Done

    published December 14, 2000

    Terry Akers feels like death warmed over. His back throbs. His testicles ache. His gut -- dude, don't even ask. It's like he's living in an... More >>

  • The Cowboy Way

    published November 23, 2000

    Standing at a makeshift podium in a field outside the Florence federal prison complex, Jim Davis gestured angrily at the stark walls encased in... More >>

  • Against the Odds

    published November 2, 2000

    Hunched over the counter of the only 7-Eleven in Widefield, an elderly black man named Leo mulls over what could be his most consequential... More >>

  • A Man of Convictions

    published October 19, 2000

    Bob Sylvester doesn't want to go back to prison. He knows too much about prison and what it does to you. On October 23, Sylvester will find... More >>

  • A State of Denial

    published October 12, 2000

    The past few months have not been the best of times for the folks at Halaby, Cross & Schluter, the private law firm hired to defend the City of... More >>

  • Big Wheels

    published September 28, 2000

    In pursuit of the good life, Mr. Deep Pockets takes the highway. The big silver automobile cruises through the thinning evening traffic with... More >>

  • No One Told Mr. D

    published September 14, 2000

    The teachers and students of Columbine returned to school last month to the welcome sounds of silence. There were no news photographers to... More >>

  • Follow That Story

    published September 7, 2000

    A key defendant in the bizarre Aspen crime spree of last summer, the first to take his case to trial, has been found guilty on two felony counts... More >>

  • Ragin' Cajun

    published August 17, 2000

    Poor Dave Robicheaux. After years of solving crimes too close to home, the brash, volcanic homicide detective carries more psychic baggage than... More >>

  • Can't Buy a Thrill

    published August 17, 2000

    Cody Wille stands flat-footed outside the back door of Clark's Market in Aspen. He fumbles with his mask, trying to get the eyeholes right with... More >>

  • A Broken Code

    published July 27, 2000

    It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Last year, when several individual defectors from the Aryan Brotherhood, the notorious... More >>

  • The Missing Motive

    published July 13, 2000

    One of the most glaring deficiencies of the sheriff's report is its cursory treatment of the circumstances that led up to the attack. "While this... More >>

  • The Lost Command

    published July 13, 2000

    What may have been the defining moment in the history of the Governor's Columbine Review Commission unfolded last month. Consigned to a small... More >>

  • Him Write Pretty

    published June 15, 2000

    A fumbling reviewer once threw David Sedaris a backhanded compliment by declaring that his writing was void of trenchant social commentary: "He... More >>

  • Enemy Mine

    published June 8, 2000

    Having a gold mine next door can be a wonderful thing, bringing wealth and jobs to the community. Or it can be an environmental nightmare just... More >>

  • Marked for Death

    published May 25, 2000

    Jeremy Garcia was the first to see the Special Forces commandos. Well, they said they were Special Forces. But the two men didn't look like... More >>

  • None Dare Call It Travesty

    published April 27, 2000

    You are not the kind of person who settles for easy answers. You never swallowed the Warren Report. You think the Church Committee's... More >>

  • Stonewalled

    published April 13, 2000

    The Story They Don't Want to Tell On the morning of Judgment Day, minutes before they launch their deadly assault on Columbine High School,... More >>

  • Sweet Revenge

    published March 9, 2000

    Best-selling author Bryce Proctorr has a fat publishing contract and a debilitating case of writer's block. Fortunately, he's just bumped into... More >>

  • Unlawful Entry--Related Story

    published February 24, 2000

    The man on the phone says he doesn't want anyone to know his name. He may wind up being the star witness in a police perjury trial, but right now... More >>

  • Unlawful Entry

    published February 24, 2000

    It was all over in three minutes. At 1:47 p.m. on September 29, 1999, a Denver SWAT team, acting on information contained in a fatally flawed... More >>

  • Look for the Union URL

    published February 17, 2000

    When officials at the U.S. Bureau of Prisons set out to build a supermax penitentiary capable of holding the most dangerous inmates in the federal... More >>

  • Lessons from the Third Grade

    published January 27, 2000

    It's ten minutes after nine. Room 205 comes alive. The children file in to the murmur of the Pledge of Allegiance, recited in English and... More >>

  • The Hundred Days' War

    published January 13, 2000

    For the record, Douglas Bruce is not a socialist. You don't have to be one, he says, to despise the regressive tax structure in the state of... More >>

  • Follow That Story

    published January 6, 2000

    A veteran official of the Colorado Department of Corrections resigned last week in the wake of controversy surrounding two sexual-harassment... More >>

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