• @annackaplan
    18 July, 2018

    Just deleted 16,000 emails. Feelin good.

  • @annackaplan
    16 July, 2018

    RT @NYTNational: “There is sort of constant effort to nibble away at the First Amendment, and I think there is an obligation to respond to…

  • @annackaplan
    14 July, 2018

    RT @ASAP_M4RKY: If I see one more post about @ArianaGrande Im finna.... go listen to God Is a Woman another 50 times cuz it’s so GD good.

  • @annackaplan
    13 July, 2018

    I am very sad to be missing @TUFsea’s TUFFEST tomorrow, but did my best to sum it up in @bust_magazinehttps://t.co/bR517ETeaB

  • @annackaplan
    12 July, 2018

    RT @mattdpearce: I want to highlight some of the @latimes folks who have been grinding away on important immigration stories over the last…


Anna Kaplan

Anna Kaplan

Anna Kaplan is a freelance journalist primarily covering music and culture. Her work has appeared in BUST Magazine, The Stranger and The Portland Mercury. When she's not writing, she's probably at a concert or arguing with someone over the Oxford comma.

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