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  • 13 days ago | Film and TV

    At first glance, TV (The Book), which came out last week, may look like a survey of what two respected TV critics consider to be the greatest television shows of all time. But, really, it’s a book about friendship. The joint authors of this tome, ...

  • 22 days ago | Film and TV

    Before The Eric Andre Show came along, I always thought acting like a complete lunatic on television was mostly a white-people thing. As a culture, African-Americans generally frown upon the idea of being unabashedly clownish for the masses — blac...

  • 12 years ago | Music News

    Everyone knows all of Usher's Confessions by now; everyone went to see Prince play "1999' for the very last time. Everyone knows all about Lil Jon and his penchant for hollering "Yayy-uuhhh!' With everyone paying attention to these superstars, a l...

  • 14 years ago | Music News

    There's something admirable about Darius Rucker's mission to prove he's more than the Dylan of the frat-boy generation. After years as the darker-skinned front man of the otherwise vanilla party band Hootie and the Blowfish, Rucker is branching ou...


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