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  • The Kooks

    published May 29, 2008

    With scant few exceptions, musicians from this country who feign a British accent end up sounding like utter dipshits. Brits, meanwhile, who... More >>

  • Denver Music’s Media Onslaught

    published May 22, 2008

    All right, cancel the Amber Alert. I'm back. For the past few weeks, I've been busier than a one-fingered typist attempting to take dictation... More >>

  • Kingdom of Doom Crumbles

    published May 1, 2008

    The warehouse at 21st and Arapahoe is quiet for the first time in years. The storied space at the edge of the Ballpark neighborhood, known most... More >>

  • Flobots

    published April 24, 2008

    Stephen Brackett's intuition was unbelievably strong — when it came to Jamie Laurie, anyway. On his first day at Bradley Elementary, the... More >>

  • Littleague Makes Hip-Hop Safe for Kids

    published April 24, 2008

    I love pizza like a fat kid loves cake. So imagine how stoked I was when I heard about "Pizza Party," by Littleague, Neil... More >>

  • Somethin Somethin Productions Brings Something Different

    published April 17, 2008

    Emily Francis wants to make a difference. And now that Planes Mistaken for Stars is permanently grounded, the band's former... More >>

  • Crunk Dialing

    published April 10, 2008

    It's official: Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman, the pair of hooligans known collectively as 3OH!3, are no longer free... More >>

  • The Swayback Raises the Bar

    published April 3, 2008

    They say the devil's greatest trick was trying to convince the world that he doesn't exist. A decent ruse, but as the Swayback just proved, the... More >>

  • Gregory Alan Isakov

    published April 3, 2008

    Gregory Alan Isakov isn't a big talker. Live, he rolls through his sets with graceful efficiency and a minimum of banter. When he does speak, it's... More >>

  • Mile Highlights From South by Southwest

    published March 20, 2008

    Things for a lead vocalist to avoid when performing at a high-profile, multi-day music festival: 1) Cigarettes, 2) Booze, 3) Landing on your... More >>

  • SXSW 2008 Preview

    published March 6, 2008

    At the end of January, when I first glanced at the tentative list of acts chosen to perform at this year's South by Southwest festival, I did a... More >>

  • Born in the Flood

    published March 6, 2008

    "Brilliant" is a term that gets thrown around far too casually and liberally, but when used to describe If This Thing Should Spill, it's... More >>

  • Jake Action

    published February 28, 2008

    Back in the '90s, there was an In Living Colour sketch about a Jamaican family of workaholics who each held down at least a dozen jobs.... More >>

  • Cue the Cricket

    published February 21, 2008

    Last Saturday will go down as a historic night for music in the Mile High: We paid our last respects to Planes Mistaken for Stars at the... More >>

  • Planes Mistaken for Stars Makes Its Final Approach

    published February 14, 2008

    EXTREMELY FRAGILE. PLEASE BE GENTLE. Watching Gared O'Donnell retrieve his guitar, I can't help but laugh a little as I catch... More >>

  • Class of 2008

    published February 7, 2008

    I've always promised myself that I'll quit this gig — or at least seriously re-evaluate things — the minute I feel myself becoming... More >>

  • Class of 2008

    published January 31, 2008

    By my count, there are nearly 600 active bands on the Front Range now — 600! And those are just the ones I'm aware of. With that many... More >>

  • Record Breaking

    published January 24, 2008

    The music business as we know it is dying. And as I witness its continued collapse, it's gratifying to see a shift in the balance of power. For... More >>

  • Forewarned

    published January 17, 2008

    I'm going to double-check the calendar just to be sure, but I think this could be the year of the Swayback. At least, that's the sense I... More >>

  • Raised on Radio

    published January 3, 2008

    I've blathered before about how music is an emotional experience and how, for better or worse, songs have a way of attaching themselves to the... More >>

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