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  • 25 years ago | News

    One of the few undisputed facts about Denver International Airport is that the new automated baggage-handling system must succeed. Should the computerized network fail, there's no backup. And that's not good news. Because despite last week's rosy ...

  • 25 years ago | News

    Federico Pena, former Denver mayor and current Secretary of Transportation, was so anxious to build Denver International Airport that he paid an $8 million "ransom" to Adams County. So says Jim Nelms, chief hostage-holder and an early player in De...

  • 25 years ago | Longform

    Where does a $5 billion gorilla sit? Wherever it wants to. Among the giant Denver International Airport's latest victims are regional airports that have been forced to delay or cancel improvements--all because of an unpublicized DIA policy shift. ...


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